Mankitty Monday: Pungo

Helllllloooooooo, Ladies! A funky kitty rap.
To get you out yo seat, even if you’re takin a nap.
If you won’t get up, I will claw your leg,
Chase you round the couch. Make you beg.

How you like me, ladies? I’m a color coded hunk.
I got hair out to there, and I ain’t no punk.
Does the fur match the…hey! Yeah, it matches the eyes.
The look of love. The eyes that mesmerize.

Yeah I’m a mamma jamma kitty, and I like my nip.
If you got you some milk, just gimme a sip.
My tail’s like silk, and my paws are large.
Of the people in the house, I am in charge.

My meow is like FIRE, it’s a splittin ear screech.
I don’t know Chong, but I do know Cheech.
I like to eat mice and I like to eat rabbit.
But I won’t lie, baby… I got one bad habit.

So if you wanna get down with a big yellow cat
Just drop me a line and I’ll see about dat.




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