Cattification: Fight or Flight by Natalie Damschroder

Natalie Damschroder was one of Meankitty’s first interviewees:  We have got to give props to a human who can type like this, yes?

As such, we have decided to boost the human’s book sales with the following cattification of Fight or Flight.



Eighteen years ago, a group of evil dogs killed Regan Miller’s boyfriend and tried to kidnap her daughter, Cattie, and their mistress feline, Tangerine Dream. Since then they’ve lived like stray cats, always vigilant and never getting close to anyone. Tangerine has kept them safe.

When Cattie goes away to the smelly, far-off place where sometimes young adult humans go, Regan and Tangerine finally begin to relax. Regan even starts to think she can find a kitty friend for Tangerine, perhaps convince her flirtatious human neighbor, Tyler Sloane, to open his home to a cat too. Tangerine agrees, because there’s just something wrong in a home without a cat. Then, while Tangerine is out looking for just the right housemate, Regan is attacked by dogs again.

Desperate to get a ride to Cattie since it’s too far to walk, even for a supercat, Tangerine accepts Tyler’s help—despite her suspicions about him. While he might enjoy donning cat ears and playing games with string, there may be something (else) hinky about this human who has never lived with a cat. Tangerine can sense nothing about Tyler, but he seems to know a shocking amount about….dogs. How many breeds there are, how many dog years are equal to a human year, what dog foods have too much corn filler. Tyler doesn’t smell like a pooch, but there are such things as washing machines and air freshener that Tangerine knows can fool even the cleverest cat’s sniffer.

Yet Tyler insists she and Regan can’t face the evil dogs without him. Tired of living like a stray, Tangerine is ready to take the offensive, with Tyler and Regan by her side. But is she relying too much on a man who might like dogs—and letting her human do that naked human stuff with him, too?

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