Meankitty Wants to Know: Jenna Ives

This Monday, after another hiatus of several Mondays, I have interviewed author Jenna Ives. Jenna apparently knows Typing Slave through a mutual publisher. She (Jenna) writes stories that sometimes involve string, with which the humans tie each other up — yeah, I have no idea either. But string I like. Her latest release is a new version of a fairy tale about a snowy, white heroine who, in the original tale, falsely claimed to be “fairest of them all”, when clearly it’s me. It’s not like that Snow White character had beautifully perfect white paws, mesmerizing golden eyes, and fur as soft as the human brain.


1) Why did you decide to be a writer instead of a cat sanctuary owner?

I was the oldest kid in my family growing up, so I always used to tell stories to entertain my younger brothers and sister. Even after I grew up, the stories just kept coming!

2) Why do you think cats are better than dogs? (Since you call yourself a writer, I trust your answer will be eloquent.)

Cats are highly intelligent; dogs are blindly loyal. Cats are discriminating; dogs like everyone. Your choice in pets all depends on how you prefer to be loved.

3) Why is your household currently deprived of a cat?

Because I’m afraid a cat would eat my beta fighting fish, Rudy.

4) How does your beta fighting fish inspire your writing?

He’s definitely a strong alpha male! And the seven heroes of my Snow White And Her Seven Lovers all share a part of Rudy’s strength.

5) If you have not yet incorporated cats into your fiction, when or how do you plan to rectify this egregious error and demonstration of poor writing skills?

My next story will be an Egyptian romance. Cats were very important to the Egyptians!

6) What are your favorite works of fiction or cinema involving cats or favorite fictional cats?

I’m a huge classic movie fan, so would the leopard Baby in the Katharine Hepburn movie “Bringing Up Baby” count? Technically, a leopard is a cat, right? There’s also Cat, Audrey Hepburn’s cat from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”

7) If you were going to publish a new, improved version of your sexy fairy tale, Snow White and Her Seven Lovers, how would you add a feline as a main character?

Well, my heroine Snow White has lost her memory, so if she had a cat, I’m sure it would be a big clue to help her discover her identity.

8) Do you like tuna (for eating, not as a pet)? How many beta fish would it take to make a nice-sized four ounce entree or would they have too many bones to bother with?

I like my tuna fish with mayo and raw onions, but it’s a treat you have to eat alone (or with a Tic Tacs chaser)! As far as an entrée for a cat, well, Rudy is kinda hefty, so I’d say two.

9) Did you know it’s been clinicially proven (by me) that writers with cats make more money and are happier in general?

Happier, I believe it! After all, who wouldn’t be happy stroking all that silky, lush, luxurious chest hair, um, I mean fur?

10) Do you plan to write your version of Puss in Boots next? Or what about The White Cat? Those would sell like tunacakes. If those are not your plans for your next book, what DO you plan to write next, and do you promise not to put any dogs in it?

Since I’ve done with a Snow White fairy tale, I’m thinking next might be a sexy version of Beauty And The Beast…and you’ve got me thinking now about how I could make the beast some kind of cat. Hmm…shape shifter, perhaps? Check out to see what I come up with!

Thanks for letting me stop by today, Meankitty!!


And thanks to all the humans who stopped by today. Please let Jenna know in the comments what fairy tale she should probably rewrite next!

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