Meankitty Wants to Know: Dee Tenorio’s Thursday Thirteen

Today in my Meankitty Interview series, we’re doing two unusual things. One, we’re posting on a Thursday instead of a Monday. Two, we are interviewing author Dee Tenorio, which isn’t unusual, but did you know Ms. Tenorio was also an artist? While it is possible we have interviewed romance authors who were also artists before, this is the first time the author/artist has taken it upon herself to prove it so emphatically. You’ll see what we mean below. But now, on to the questions.

1) Why did you decide to be a writer instead of a cat sanctuary owner?

Well, I didn’t have a cat when I decided to be a writer. I did, at one time, have 3 cats, and I have learned that being cat property also meant being suffocated while two cats fought to sleep on my face. So, I figured it might be safer to limit myself to one pet at a time.

2) Why do you think cats are better than dogs? (Since you call yourself a writer, I trust your answer will be eloquent.)

LOL, well, I’ll be honest. I love cats AND dogs. I know, I know, it’s not a popular view here to say I love dogs, but I’m all about equality.

3) Why is your household currently deprived of a cat, and what’s this I hear about dual (duelling?) “pink things” (small humans)?

The reason I’m catless at the moment is because my son—another one of my “pink things” you mentioned—is deathly allergic to them. The “dueling pink things” are my twin daughters, Trouble & Shatner, who are epic escape artists. Trouble, you’ll be pleased to note, is most often described as a cat—she comes when she wants, not when she’s called, no matter what I do. She’s not at all interested in any one else’s schedule, frequently lays on my computer or my head and gives fabulous bored gazes. You’d love her.

4) Tell me about the felines in your fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play in your narratives?

Well, I don’t have many felines, no, but in my current release, “Deceiving The Protector”, I introduce the first feline shifter of the Resurrection series, Betha. I have a free read planned for her and an amnesiac guard. There’s going to be much growling, hissing and tree-scratching in that, let me tell you. Look for it in the spring. 🙂

5) On the off-chance you have yet to incorporate cats into your fiction, when or how do you plan to rectify this egregious error and demonstration of poor writing skills?

Well, I should probably add that I have a story in the wings with Tiger shifters, too. The heroine, in particular, is more deadly than you can imagine. 🙂 (Figured you’d like that)

6) You wouldn’t ever put hot wax meant for human legs on a cat, would you? For any reason ever? But maybe on a dog?

Oh dear God, NO, lol. I barely survived my hot-wax excursion. A cat or dog? Nope. Not ever.

7) How easy do you think it would be for a cat to break a PRISM Award sitting on a high-ish shelf?

Actually, it would be frighteningly easy to break. That’s why I keep mine in the box on top of my entertainment center. I’m looking into a laser operated security system, in case any of the neighborhood cats get any ideas.

8) Why did you write books for Carina Press involving DOG shifters instead of the much more awesome CAT shifters you could have used? And is it your fault my Typing Slave insulted me by selling a dog shifter book to Carina recently too?

I can’t take credit for your Typing Slave—YAY Typing Slave!!—but I will say I started off with dogs (wolves) over cats because the heroes needed to be Wolfie in their personalities. Lots of cranky dog behavior and protectiveness. I mean, I love cats, but they don’t guard your bed in quite the same way.

9) What are your favorite works of fiction or cinema involving cats or favorite fictional cats?

Believe it or not, one of my earliest movie memories is of the movie “Cat People”. I’m still not sure what the hell was happening in that movie, but there was this really gorgeous woman who turned into a black panther. Just like that, my future in paranormal writing was set.

10) Do you have any amazing, or at least humorous, real life cat stories you’d like to share? Barring cat stories, you may share stories about dogs embarrassing themselves if you like.

Well, this is really my hubby’s story. See, he had a friend who had like 3 or 4 cats at all times—honest, it was a guy!—but we knew about our son’s allergy already, so hubby always had to visit alone. You can imagine my concern when he came home with his shirt all shredded in the front, so he told me what happened…

You see, his friend’s cat was in love with him.

When he went to visit, he’d sit on the couch and invariably the cat would come rub herself all over him. This time, she soon started licking his face like he was the last piece of meat in the state. At first, it was cute—as you know, cats don’t often lick people. But as the tongue bath continued, Hubby started to chafe. He tried to discourage the loving kitty, or at least get her to move, but he only got her to switch sides of his face.

Now, I can’t really blame her, he’s a tasty sumnagun, but well…her was a’scratchin up the wrong post.

After a good half-hour, he finally asked for help. So his friend came over and had to pry the clinging cat from hubby’s shirt, which had claw holed all up and down as the cat screeched to stay with her new Love.

Suffice it to say, kitty had to stay outside for future visits and that holey shirt? Well it never saw the light of day again. Folks might think I did that to him. (What? That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!)

11) All right — you seem to know a lot about being trapped in elevators after earthquakes. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with: 5 dogs, 5 cats, 5 kids under the age of 5, an elephant, a leaking cargo container of radioactive waste, a ceiling full of bats that aren’t awake…yet, your worst nightmare, or a bunch of teenage girls who are missing their big meet and greet with that movie star from that movie. Be sure and explain your logic! Illustrations and charts welcome.

Hmmm, it would have to be the 5 cats. I’ll show you why, if you don’t mind stick figures and lined paper.

12) Do you like chicken and tuna (for eating, not as pets)?

I do rather like chicken, but I HATE Chicken Soup. Tuna, I can only eat mixed with Pico de Gallo and tortilla chips.

Both would be dinner in a day or two if I had to have them as pets, though, lol.

13) Did you know it’s been clinicially proven (by me) that writers with cats make more money and are happier in general?

I didn’t know that, lol, but it’s definitely a great reason to get a cat!


If you’d like to know more about Dee, here is where you can find out why she writes serial killers:

Here is her website:

Here is her Twitter feed:

No word yet on whether Ms. Tenorio will be illustrating her next book herself, but I’d say odds are in her favor if anyone from one of her publishers sees this.

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