Remember the Glitterizer?

In the event that you do not remember, you may want to familiarize yourselves with the following posts: (in which the Glitterizer came into our possession) and (in which I explain why the Glitterizer is evul.)

Flash forward 3 months and it’s spring break. My girls and I enrolled in Camp Wiki Tiki Grandma since the location is remote and outdoorsy and full of exciting trees and fresh air. Stuff that you can’t really find in suburbia, at least not in the back yard. My plan was for the kids to play outside while I did some writing. However, it got unexpectedly cold, and silly me, I put away most of the winter clothes on Monday since we’d had 2 weeks in a row where nobody needed a sweater or heavy coat.

So here we are at Camp Grandma and while the kids COULD play outside, they’re waiting until it gets warmer in the afternoon. They’re currently in the arts and crafts cabin aka the middle of the floor with their paints and markers. And I am not working-working since they’re fighting-fighting.

But I promised you some glitter in this post, not just more whining about writerly plans gone astray! Here you go. Last night there was no fighting. Last night the Head Counsellor aka Grandma let them use……THE GLITTERIZER. Every single inch of Camp Wiki Tiki Grandma is now faaaabulous.

I cannot BELIEVE how much glitter spread across the house. The photo doesn’t even begin to picture it. The whole room had a glitter carpet. So did the dolls. So did the kids. So did Grandma. So did the cat (not pictured, due to fear issues….the issue being the cat was terrified and hid under the bed).

I’m just so glad we did this here instead of our house.

Jody W.