Meankitty Wants to Know: Taige Crenshaw

For our first February interview, we’ve pinned down author Taige Crenshaw, whom we are sad to say is currently unmonitored by a cat. Or even a dog! It seems like she’s managing all right on her own, but we’ve put her on the furball alert list regardless. Taige writes hot romances for a number of publishers and her latest release is called Powers of Attraction. Which is funny when you read her kitten story below–she’s proven she has considerable powers of attraction herself, or at least her clothes do!

1) Why did you decide to be a writer instead of a cat sanctuary owner?

Writing has been in my blood and soul forever. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been an avid reader and a writer. When I was a child I used to make up my own stories and share them with my family and friends. As I got older I continued to write. When I went to college I started getting more information on actually writing professionally. I joined some writing organization and started to learn my craft.

2) Why do you think cats are better than dogs? (Since you call yourself a writer, I trust your answer will be eloquent.)

They are very unconditionally loving. All around cuddly and are keepers of secrets.

3) Why is your household currently deprived of a cat?

Where I live doesn’t allow pets. Which has me bummed out.

4) Tell me about the felines in your fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play in your narratives?

I do have a hero of one of my books who is a cat shape shifter. And the story is about him so he plays a big part of the story. Loved working with him.

5) On the off-chance you have yet to incorporate cats into your fiction, when or how do you plan to rectify this egregious error and demonstration of poor writing skills?

I do have a cat in my book. And will be having s few more books with them.

6) What are your favorite works of fiction or cinema involving cats or favorite fictional cats?

Loved Sylvester from the Looney Tunes cartoon.

7) Do you have any amazing, or at least humorous, real life cat stories you’d like to share? Barring cat stories, you may share stories about dogs embarrassing themselves if you like.

When I was in college a friend and I went to pick up a kitten she had gotten. It was so cute and cuddly. But it wouldn’t settle down in the carrier. So we put it in the pocket of my coat. It loved it in there and cuddled right in with its head sticking out to see.

Another time when I went to visit I was leaving and halfway home before I realized I had an extra passenger. The kitty was in my coat pocket. After that whenever I went to visit I would check my pockets before I left my friend’s house. And each time we would have to remove the kitty from my pocket before I could leave. Eventually I gave the kitty my jacket and it used it as its bed. (grin)

8) Do you like chicken and tuna (for eating, not as pets)?

I love both.

9) Did you know it’s been clinicially proven (by me) that writers with cats make more money and are happier in general?

Nope I didn’t know that. If I could have one I would get one. But can’t where I live.

10) How do you think writers are like cats?

We believe in comfort and make sure our environment is all about that. When we are disturbed when we would rather not, we get upset and show our displeasure.


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