Snippet Saturday: Scary!

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors selects thematic excerpts from their work and shares them on Saturday mornings. This week the theme is something scary, because everyone else is probably doing something romantic for V-day.

I personally don’t write a lot of scary stuff. So let’s go with something that’s more along the lines of HORRIFYING for any female in her right mind. From “What She Deserves”, our heroine gets dragged onto the dance floor by a man she does not want:


Winnie stood as immobile as she could while Tod gyrated against her bottom. She gritted her teeth and tugged his arm, but he was too strong.

“Get jiggy,” he yelled in her ear, so loud she winced. He waved his free arm in the air. “I’m gettin’ jiggy with it!”

“Let me go,” she insisted, but he ignored her.

If she dug her fancy nail tips into his arm, she’d break them off. Then she’d have scraggly hands the rest of the night, and she had yet to meet Chase.

But if she didn’t claw Tod, his sweaty, disgusting body would get more sweaty and disgusting. Was that an erection she felt prodding her ass?

Oh, hell no. Tod Hammond was going down.

He shifted behind her and crouched on the ground, somehow without falling. He used her body as a ballast while he humped his rear like a dog. His head was near her butt, one arm snaked around her hips. His other hand was on her knee, near the hemline of her skirt.

Creeping up her thigh and pushing her dress with it. Up and up and up. What a terrible night to wear a g-string.

In desperation, Winnie slammed an elbow into his forehead and shoved his chest as hard as she could. Reeling with pain and surprise, he tumbled to the ground, knocking people aside like bowling pins.

Instantly a space cleared as everyone’s attention was captivated by the confrontation. The night’s first fight. Several flashbulbs went off, and Winnie groaned.

“Whatsa matter, baby?” Tod said, rubbing his head. “I didn’t like that dance move.”

Before Winnie could begin her long list of what was the matter, a furious female voice growled beside her. “Get out of my way, slut!”

An enraged Sally Jones Hammond shoved Winnie aside and advanced on her husband, her sensible black pumps cracking into the floor.

Winnie stumbled. A man’s strong hands caught her before she could fall.

“Careful, gorgeous. I’d hate to see you show your naughty bits to the entire class of ’98.”

That golden accent. That drawling tenor. She knew that voice.

Chase McKnight held Winnie upright as her knees buckled and an exultant smile spread across her face.


No comment as to whether this situation is based on real life or not. Everyone have a scary day!

Jody W. *


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