Meankitty Wants to Know: Nanny Slave

We had an enforced hiatus in December 09, so now we’re back, all refreshed and stuff, with several great new interviews for you in 2010. Let’s start with a reader this week, the infamous Nanny Slave, my human’s sister.


1) Do you live with any cats? Please state names, ages, appearances and temperaments of the cats.

Meankitty, you won’t believe this, but right now, I DO NOT live with any cats. There are few stuffed cats, some cat wrapping paper, cat magnets on the fridge, and a cat calender on the wall, but no actual living, breathing kitties. It is a brand-new house (new to me, anyway) and no cats have decided to live here yet.

[[[Pictured: Meankitty and Nanny Slave. Nanny Slave claims she doesn’t like me.]]]

2) If you want to tell us about any humans in the house, that’s okay too. But you don’t have to.

There is a man that lives here, too. He is a pretty good egg. But not a cat.

3) How much do you desert your cats (leave the house for things like “jobs” and “school”)?

Since I have no cats, I would have to say that I never desert them. HOWEVER, if you want to get technical, I suppose you could say that I have two cats that I permanently deserted at Grandma Slave’s house. Their names are: Sam, age 6, solid jet black, temperament=big dummy & Gray, age 3, gnarly gray tabby, temperament=bad.

HOWEVER (AGAIN), Sam & Gray probably want to stay at Grandma Slave’s house, where they get to hang outside on the 40+ acres of wilderness or inside all over the many soft kitty beds. At my new house, they would be forced to reside only inside in less than 2000 sq. ft. of suburban space. Plus, Grandma Slave won’t let me have Sam back. And I don’t want Gray back.

4) How much do you read and what do you usually read?

I read a lot. I usually read cruddy free romance downloads, books about nature, books about teaching, and books about teaching about nature. Sometimes I read the same fantasy books I have been re-reading since I was in junior high.

5) Does your reading detract from your time spent worshipping cats or running a cat sanctuary? (If you don’t worship cats or run a cat sanctuary, perhaps you should consider cutting back on reading, working that day job, sleeping and cleaning to make time for more important things.)

Reading does not really get in the way of my ability to adequately worship cats; in fact, some of the books I read actually feature cats in leadership roles. Or at least, they should. Come to think of it, maybe I need to be reading different books…

6) Why do you think cats are better than dogs? (Since you call yourself a lover of words, I trust your answer will be eloquent.)

Cats never eat their own poop. Dogs do. Who needs eloquence?

7) Tell me about the felines in your favorite books. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play in the narratives?

One of my favorite series by Susan Dexter stars a cat named Thomas in a headlining role. Not only is he the cleverest character in the books, but he is also fastidiously neat and occasionally naughty. Another fave read, “The Fur Person” by May Sarton, highlights the comings and goings of a feline so much smarter and more interesting than the humans in the book, the author named the book after the cat himself, as opposed to naming it after some petty trials the humans go through.

8) On the off-chance you have yet to read books about cats, when do you plan to rectify this egregious error and demonstration of poor literary taste?


[[[Meankitty’s Note: I think you guys should all recommend some cat books for NS.]]]

9) Perhaps you’ve read a few books about cats and perhaps you haven’t (but will). Chances are you haven’t read the perfect book about cats yet, but even if you think you have, cats are so awesome there’s clearly more than one perfect book about cats. What narrative elements or plot points do you think a perfect book about cats would have in it?

Essential elements in a catty book would include: cats outwitting humans, cats outwitting dogs, cats outwitting horses, cats outwitting elephants (although elephants are incredibly intelligent, so this one is a stretch), and cats outwitting more humans. I would especially appreciate having a cat outwit a female character’s male love interest in a clever ruse that ends in said male love interest admitting his undying devotion to said cat. Then, of course, the cat would ignore the male from then on. That would be a good book.

10) In your experience, do you think cats would make better superstars of fiction, comics, movies or television? Please explain your choice with superlatives about feline gloriousness or at least something that makes sense to the humans reading this.

I am not going to answer this question, as it is too long and has too many big words. I admit it, you are smarter than me, Meankitty.

11) Speaking of movies, what are your favorite works of cinema involving cats?

None, really. Most movie cats are fake and I like real cats. Although that Lucifer in “Cinderella” has some sneaky tricks up his fur that seem quite meankitty-ish…..

12) Can you pet one cat while you read?


14) Can you pet two cats while you read?

Almost definitely.

15) Can you pet three or more cats while you read?

Very likely.

[[[Concluded: I don’t believe that she doesn’t like me. Do you?]]]



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