A Query about The Storage Unit

A faithful reader has asked a most important question and The Party Cats have threated to pull my acount privileges if I don’t answer.

Q: “Nanny Slave, how much of the junk in your Storage Unit is cat-related?”

A: An interesting question, indeed. I would have to say that only about 10% of the junk in my storage unit is cat-related. At first, this might seem like a low percentage, considering the general cattiness of my life. However, one must consider that we are talking about my junk in storage, which is junk that is not actively being used by me or the various cats that share ownership of me. Obviously, all the many cat toys, cat bowls, cat pans, cat furniture, pieces of cat art, clothing featuring cat themes, and books about cats are in current use. The cats wouldn’t tolerate anything less.

Coming soon — photos of junk!

Nanny Slave