Snippet Saturday: First Kiss

Snippet Saturday is the brainchild of author Lauren Dane, wherein a group of authors select thematic excerpts from their work and share them on Saturday mornings. This Saturday’s snippet is “First Kiss”. Below you will find the first kiss scene from my fantasy romance Survival of the Fairest, which was released in print this month, and below that you will find links to other SS authors’ first kiss scenes. Browse away!
The stage lights shone hotly down on her and Jake. Tali blinked and her vision cleared. Her hair, partly escaping its confines, tickled her neck. Jessie remained off to the side, holding several items. The crowd seemed to sense the struggle onstage as well. They hardly coughed or whispered but instead watched, spellbound.

Jake reached out a hand to steady Tali as she balanced on her leg. When he brushed her skin, she zizzed. She tingled. She gasped. He jerked away, shook his hand, then replaced it. This time the sensation had a different quality, more of a magnetic force urging her toward him. He would steady her. With him, she’d never fall.

Why was he doing this to her? Was it like this for humans he overwhelmed? But no—they’d been pleased by his control. Tali’s head whirled, frantic with alarm and weighted by hypnotic pressure.

Jake cleared his throat. “Put down your arms and your foot.” He withdrew his hand.

Tali obeyed with a rush of relief. When her second foot hit the floor, she could almost, almost draw power through the ring. She was no mere human, to be prey to this man. She turned her head to glare at the magician. They stood there, the two of them, measuring one another, until Jessie stepped forward and nudged Jake’s elbow.

Jake’s eyes narrowed and he shook himself. “Talista, would you like some chocolate?”

She hesitated, then found herself nodding. She loved chocolate. She could tell this man anything. Jessie handed Jake a small gold box, which he opened.

He held up a dark morsel and Tali’s nostrils flared. Her gaze followed it. She wanted it.

“Would you take it from me—from my hand?” He held out his palm, the candy on it.

Tali shook her head no. Jake’s eyebrows flew up and Jessie’s mouth dropped open. Then Jake reached out his dangerous, dangerous hand and cupped her cheek. The supremacy of his touch drained the fight out of her. She cuddled into his palm. His hand was hot against her cheek, and she wanted it to explore.

“Would you take it from my lips?” he said.

The crowd fell to a complete, hollow silence. Jake placed the chocolate between his lips and Tali heard her helpless whimper crackle though Jake’s voice magnifier. Disobeying her wishes, her hands crept up his broad chest and her face tilted to meet his lips. She accepted the chocolate quickly and snatched her head back. But her arms remained around his neck.

She couldn’t pull free, not even drawing on the ring dead center in the stage. She tried, she tried, she tried…she didn’t want to.

She wanted…

Jake’s stare trapped her, bent her like a sapling. “Do you want more?”

Not chocolate. She didn’t want chocolate. She wanted…/div>

She took the chocolate. She had to stand on her tiptoes to do it, and her fingers locked behind his neck, tangled in his silky hair. Their gazes locked, and suddenly it was as if the rest of the world wasn’t there.

“What else do you want?” Jake’s voice hoarsened. Tali thought he asked because he truly wanted to know, not because it was part of his show. Something sincere wrinkled his brow.

What Tali wanted was to kiss him. She wanted to eat him up like a big, luscious chocolate. The realization was like someone had lifted a net off her, allowing her to swim free. She didn’t wait for Jake to ask more questions or place ideas in her mind. She shook herself, buried her fists in his hair and dragged him down for an open-mouthed kiss.

(c) 2008 Jody Wallace