Meankitty Wants to Know: Jennifer Yates

Last week (February 1-7), Typing Slave and some other author-types posted a bunch of words that did not interest me at the blog of one Jennifer Yates, who is a reader. Now, readers do interest me, because they are often stationary and not averse to a cat in the lap. However, if the book is really engrossing, they ARE averse to getting up and fetching my cat treats. That’s when I’m forced to utilize the stink bomb.

Anyway, here’s an interview from Jennifer, and be sure to check back tomorrow when we interview Jennifer’s cat!

1) Why did you decide to be a reader/blogger instead of a cat sanctuary owner?

Well, it was a tough decision *g*, but honestly I became a reader/blogger because it is something that I enjoy. It actually started on a whim and a way for me to blog about my fave authors and books. I really didn’t think anyone would even read it so imagine my surprise when a couple of years later it has become a frequent stop for some readers and authors.

In a way though, our home sort of acts like a cat sanctuary as the cats keep inviting their stray friends to show up for some grub.

2) Why do you think cats are better than dogs? (Since you call yourself a reader, I trust your answer will be eloquent.)

I am not so sure on the eloquent part, but I believe cats are pretty smart and self-sufficient. They are able to take care of themselves pretty well. They don’t require constant attention like dogs do (although they are quick to let you know when they do) plus they are pretty quiet or at least ours are. No getting awakened in the middle of the night by constant barking…although we once had an outdoor cat who knocked on the window when it was time for us to get up.

3) Tell me about the felines in your favorite fiction. How often do they appear and how big a part do they play in the narratives?

You know, I am not sure if I have ever read a book where the cat makes a big appearance. If I have it has been a while. Usually the focus is on those human folks rather than the animals.

4) On the off-chance you have yet to read books about cats, when do you plan to rectify this egregious error and demonstration of poor taste in literature?

Well…I guess that will be right away…any recommendations?

5) What are your favorite works of cinema involving cats?

I enjoyed the movie Cats and Dogs, but they made the cats look evil in that one. Although, I often wonder if my cats have secret plans to take over the world. Other than that I can’t think of that many cat movies.

6) Do you have any amazing, or at least humorous, real life cat stories you’d like to share?

We currently have a cat named Mattie who seems to believe she was a parrot in another life. She loves to ride on shoulders. It was cute the first couple of times, but after a while the claws in your back as she unexpectedly jumps on you to climb up kind of hurt. You can’t turn your back on her.

7) Multiple choice. What is your preference and why?
A) Long hair
B) Short hair
C) No hair
— Note: I am not, of course, referring to the hirsute qualities of the hero or heroine in your most recent read.

B — They are easier to groom…although we have a long-haired that is gorgeous.

Just for Jennifer, we have included a photo of a gorgeous long haired cat to illustrate this post. The amazing face before you is Khan from