Ways to Combat the Cold

It’s not like there’s ice on everything, but I don’t like to be cold. I’m a cat. We like warmth. Don’t know why these humans won’t crank the heat any higher than 69.5 degrees. Cheapwads. I’ll have to see what I can do to make them turn the heat up. Hey, I’ve got an idea…

Why is it so cold in the baby’s room? Well, I swan, why are you asking me? I have no idea. Maybe you don’t have the heat turned up high enough. What, you set it at 72? Have you had the unit checked this year? Maybe it’s not working right, or maybe you need to have the ductwork sealed or replaced.

What, you had it checked this fall and there were no problems? Gee my willy whiskers. I just don’t know what the problem could be.

But thanks for turning the heat up. Sure feels good on my tush!


One thought on “Ways to Combat the Cold”

  1. Here in AK we use the cold to our advantage. Go outside on the nastiest day possible (watch for hungry eagles) then come back in to warm frozen paws on unsuspecting human’s bare skin. Getting the paws cold requires a bit of a sacrifice of comfort, but the resulting yelp from the human is well worth it.

    Mouse in AK

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