Poorly Animated Gif Today, Voting Tomorrow

Above is the poorly animated promo I made to convince people to buy my book, like little literary magpies. To see the animation, apparently you need to click on it.

And the voting that takes place tomorrow doesn’t have anything to do with this gif, although you’re perfectly welcome to attempt to vote it off the internet in the comments. The voting in question begins tomorrow at the Manuscript Mavens blog, where Colleen Gleason is going to be starting off an interactive contemporary story and blog visitors get to tell me where to go. Hee! Seriously, I’m up second, after Colleen, and whichever of the 4 choices gets the majority vote is what I’ll be flexing my fingers over Friday night, to be posted first thing Saturday morning.

So be SURE to visit the Mavens. Check out their list of participants. Visit every day for the next 12 days, in fact. It’s a zombie party (if the story morphs like the Halloween story did) and there are prizes! I don’t think an actual zombie is the prize, though.


PS: More promo that is hopefully as entertaining as that sophisticated gif is the Thursday Thirteen I posted at the Otherworld Diner about why the heroine of my book ‘hates’ the hero, with a Taming of the Shrew kind of hate.

4 thoughts on “Poorly Animated Gif Today, Voting Tomorrow”

  1. That’s very cool. 🙂 I like it. I still haven’t figured out how to do gif’s myself, but they sure are fun. I will be checking out the Maven’s later too.

    Hope you are staying warm today–I swear I saw snow. It’s way too cold to be doing any outdoor stuff today.

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