More Ways to Combat the Cold

I realize in other parts of the world, temperatures drop below humane levels on any number of occasions. Here in the Meankitty household, it’s rare we get below freezing. So during this cold snap, as I may have complained previously, I have been having trouble keeping as toasty warm as I like. I have resorted to somewhat desperate measures.

Exhibits 1 & 2: More Ventwork

I have staked out the locations of all the vents in the house at this point. Of the ones I can access at will, the one in Loud Thing’s room is the closest to the heating unit and blows the warmest air. There is a v. warm vent in Pink Thing’s closet but I can’t get to that one. The one in the adult humans’ room is hardly even worth mentioning, much less blocking off. The ones in the living room are pretty nice, although they’re set in the middle of hard wooden floor, which is less comfortable than carpet.

Granted, the humans’ sense of decor leaves something to be desired, which is a disappointment because there’s no nice furniture to destroy, really. That’s part of the reason I only bother to use one paw when I’m bugging the ever loving dooky out of them at night. Man, last night was pretty fun because they were all up with a stomach virus and I *still* harrassed them! But that’s a story for another time.

When I’m not absorbing all the heat blowing from a vent that the humans were hoping would distribute evenly through the room, I can be found curled up somewhere mooching heat off Big D. I’ve mentioned he’s a hottie, right? He’s a regular furnace!

Gotta love a man like that.

In extreme circumstances I am sort of embarrassed to admit I have resorted to Loud Thing lovin’.


Ice Cold MK

3 thoughts on “More Ways to Combat the Cold”

  1. Mean Kitty, I know just how you feel about the floor heat vents — so much better than the ones in the ceiling that can’t be reached. My vents also blow cool air in the summertime. But you have not yet discovered the best part — and that is PEEING into the floor vent, so that the lovely odor of yourself wafts throughout the house, easily marking each bit of it as your own territory. Not to mention the luxury of a warmed or cooled (as the season requires) tushie as you do the deed. And did you know that it’s just about impossible for the humans to come up with something to keep you from doing this, seeing that, if they put something solid over it, that defeats the vent’s entire purpose? Mine have tried covering the vent grill with aluminum foil, in the mistaken belief that this will deter me, placed wire racks over the grills, sprayed them with every cat-away product made, all to no avail.

    So, Mean Kitty, do treat yourself and discover a peeing experience even better than the bathtub or the potten plant!


    Murphy the Incorrigible

  2. I do not want to have to have an account or watever to say somthing and I’m feeling lazy. So right now I’m anonymous.

    Brrrr. Cold is no fun!!! Good luck Mean Kitty. You’ll need it. We cats need to stay warmer than humans ALL the time.

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