When Big D escaped the other night and returned as an alien abductee, he also returned with a little souvenir of his adventure: fleas. This is offensive to me, as the fleas have migrated from Big D, though you’d think there’s be enough of him to go around, and now me and my delicate skin are harassed by vermin.

I am getting my revenge on the slaves by constantly scratching while on their dining table and in the Typing Slave’s precious recliner. Why am I revenging myself on the slaves when it’s Big D who brought this plague upon us, you ask? Because they’re the dumb butts who let him out in the first place. At least, we’re operating under the assumption it’s him. I haven’t tricked him into Pink Thing’s bath yet to see if he can breathe under water.


2 thoughts on “Fleabag”

  1. how dare he give you Fleas. Who does he think he is. I saw you get TS to shave him. ALso I hope the take care of you soon. Fleas itch and Are yucky. My ” little brother” As ts calls him brought home fleas when he was a kitten. it was horrible I hate fleas and the little bastard that brought them too

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Fleas eh? Once our dumb dogs got them. haha to them. How about You get a flea collar [and maybe something like cream] and Big D gets a flea bath? Hahahahahaha!!!

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