Dear Readers: Love paranormal, sf/f and contemporary romance? Good, because that’s what I write, as well as a few other goodies as the mood strikes.

If you’re looking me up because of my Etsy store Crafty Meankitty, here’s my craft page. If you like to try before you buy, most of my books are at retailers that allow samplings and I have a good number of free stories available. If there is information you need from or about me that you don’t see, that thing called “emailing me” should work.


Behind the Mask FinalBLUE SILVER: BEHIND THE MASK is part of a continuity series coauthored with Megan Hart and Natalie Damschroder about 3 fans of the pop band Blue Silver and what happened to them one night during a concert afterparty.

It should have been the best night of their lives…

Twenty years ago, a broken down limo kept the Silverettes from a teenager’s dream—backstage access at a Blue Silver concert. Now they have a chance to recreate that night…and so much more. Buy my entry in the series at Smashwords or Amazon.

TINY TREATS anthology, a collection of St Paddy’s day themed flash fiction. My contribution is “Date at McCabe’s” which is actually NOT a paranormal! I worked hard to make that happen.

Best of all, like the original Tiny Treats, it’s completely free! Download it today.

Buy Links: Smashwords, Google Play, Kobo, Amazon, B&N

Disciple72webDISCIPLE – Dreamwalkers #2, an urban fantasy romance with a lot of words in it. The words are about monsters, action, sex, adventure, dire peril, explosions and true love!

You can find it at Amazon, B&N, iTunesKobo, Samhain and other fine internet locations. Well, “fine” being a generic term for “legitimate vendors” because I hope you patronize legitimate vendors.

For an excerpt, check out the book detail page or download one from the vendors who allow that.