Romances are like ice cream. There’s a flavor to please everyone, provided you don’t have a dairy allergy. My writing flavors are science fiction, paranormal, and contemporary romances. I love…love, adventure, science, cats, jokes, and spinning outlandish yarns. That happen to have sex in them.

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holiday on ice coverHOLIDAY ON ICE: Book 2 of Tallwood Tall Tales

Darcy’s got some pretty severe claustrophobia, so how is she going to survive being trapped in an ice storm, in the cab of a truck, on a packed interstate, with the hottest guy she’s ever met? And she really needs to pee, man. Just when you thought Christmas couldn’t get any more stressful.

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SILVER BOUND: Dragons of Tarakona

Silver dragon shifter and sass-mouth Nadia has been a captive in her world almost all her life, and when she escapes to Earth, the last thing she wants to run into is a wizard from Tarakona. Even one as smart and sexy as Barnabas, who claims his primary goal in life is her safety…

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what she deserves cover

WHAT SHE DESERVES: Book 1 of Tallwood Tall Tales, available again!

Winnie and Peter were nerdy high school enemies. At their ten year reunion, can they kiss and make up or will their past, and their classmates, interfere with what might turn out to be an A+ grade in sheer physical chemistry?

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Here’s a nice cat to look at while you wait for more new releases…