Dear Readers: Welcome to my teeny part of the cyberworld. I’m an author of paranormal, sf/f and contemporary romance, as well as a few other goodies as the mood strikes. If you’re looking me up because of my Etsy store Crafty Meankitty, here’s my craft page. If there is information you need from or about me that you don’t see, that thing called “emailing me” should work.



Martian Conquest: The Adventures of Mari Shu, Vol 2
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Also: Earthbound Passion: The Adventures of Mari Shu, Vol 1
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If you think you can handle the ultimate in sf romance erotic WACK, these, pick-a-path genre parodies are the books for you. MariShuEarth100Volumes 1 and 2 of my ultimate masterpiece of snark are now available for purchase. Earthbound Passion has high erotic content, bdsm, sexxoring and moral dilemmas, while Martian Conquest has motorcycle gangs, billionaires, cyborgs, violence, and, well, sexxoring and moral dilemmas. Enjoy!

The Heart-Shaped Box (free paranormal anthology)HeartShapedBox_FinalCover
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Take one metaphorical heart-shaped box. Hand it to eleven authors as a story seed. What do you get? A porcelain music box. Magical stones. Love. Fairies. Demons. Brushes with horror. And cats. Of course, there are cats.