Romances are like ice cream. There’s a flavor to please everyone, provided you don’t have a dairy allergy. My writing flavors are science fiction, paranormal, and contemporary romances. I love…love, adventure, science, cats, jokes, and spinning outlandish yarns. That happen to have sex in them.

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One Thousand Kisses Book Cover1000 KISSES: Book 2 of the Fey Realm

Elder Embor, Primary of the Realm, knows his destined bondmate: Princess Anisette of Clan Serendipity. But he’s got too much on his plate to court her right now with upcoming elections, humanspace havoc, rogue agents, gnome incursions, and so much else. But a rival Elder’s treachery jeopardizes Anisette and forces Embor to kidnap her for her own safety…

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Survival of the FAirest cover

SURVIVAL OF THE FAIREST: Book 1 of the Fey Realm

Talista’s a fairy princess, and she’s not supposed to be in humanspace. She’s not supposed to go AWOL in Vegas. She’s certainly not supposed to hook up with sexy human stage magician, Jake Story. And most of all she’s not supposed to destroy the very fabric that divides the Realm and humanspace, but nobody ever said Talista was a GOOD fairy…

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the cover of prodigal by jody wallace

PRODIGAL: Book 3 of the Maelstrom Trilogy

Sheriff Claire Lawson has all the trouble she can handle keeping the peace in her post-apocalyptic town. She sure doesn’t need an amnesiac Chosen One, the very guy who nearly destroyed the planet, tagging along after her just because a sentient AI said it was a good idea. Never mind that she finds herself drawn to him like no man ever before…

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